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Anaerobic Digesters



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Recent advances in digester technology paired with development of high-quality, low-cost combined heating and power systems have made anaerobic digesters an attractive option for many modern dairy farms. As more digesters come online, this technology has become increasingly reliable. By integrating established technology with modern farming practices, Larsen Engineers is a leader in the Anaerobic Digester Revolution.

Benefits of Anaerobic Digester Systems:


·         Energy Independence

·         Converts Wastes into High-quality Fertilizer

·         Odor Control

·         Produces Renewable Fuel

·         Improved Water Quality

·         Bedding Recovery

·         Generates Salable Carbon Credits

·         Stepping Stone for other Technologies



Advantages of Larsen Engineers RAD2© (Recirculating Anaerobic Ditch Digester) Anaerobic Digester System:


·         Streamlined Design

·         Effective Digesters

·         Modular Approach


·         Quality Low-cost Design

·         Designed by Farmers with Farmers

·         Modern Controls Technology



Larsen’s Funding and Financing Services:


·         Business Plan Development

·         Grant Acquisition


·         Assistance in Securing Loan Guarantees

·         Contract and Project Management


The risk associated with capital investments prevents most farmers from investing in anaerobic digesters. Combining our low cost design with NYSERDA grant funding we are enabling anaerobic digester systems to become more attainable for New York's dairy industry.

Benefits of Anaerobic Digester Systems:

  • Energy Independence:  Given appropriate feedstock Anaerobic Digesters can produce enough electricity to power not only the farm but residential and commercial units as well using controlled net metering
  • Conversion on farm Wastes to High Quality Fertilizer:  Quality organic fertilizers are enhanced by the digester process. Digesting animal wastes kills pathogens like E-Coli and can allow nutrient be applied throughout the year to growing crops.  High quality organic fertilizer now become an asset to the farm.
  • Improved Water Quality:   With issues like the Toledo Drinking Water Crisis in the news there will be ever increasing pressure on agriculture to improve its water quality standards. Covered Lagoon Digesters can lead the way in reducing agricultural run-off.
  • Bedding Recovery:  Through solids separation digester systems can recover sand, cattle bedding or soil amendments from waste sludge.
  • Odor Control:  Digestion process reduces odors by sequestering methane and sulfur dioxide.
  • Generates Salable Carbon Credits:  By making your farm carbon neutral you can sell carbon credits.  This increases farm revenues and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Stepping Stone for New Technologies:  Anaerobic digesters open up opportunities to implement advancements in technology like bio-gas/ electric powered vehicles, controlled environment agriculture and microgrids.



Larsen Engineers RAD Anaerobic Digester Systems:


  • Streamlined Design:  At Larsen Engineers we pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to design.  We make every effort to build our systems with common commercially available components.
  • Effective Digesters:  The RAD2 Recirculating Anaerobic Ditch Digester is not only highly effective for gas production it is very cost effective to construct.  We have taken advantage of well developed construction methods used on both modern farms and landfills to build efficient low cost digesters.
  • Modular Approach:  We take a modular approach to the design and construction of our digesters.  By separating the different operations of our system into modules we can streamline the construction with most of the equipment arriving on site ready to be set in place and plugged in.
  • Quality Low Cost Design:  With our latest project at Spruce Haven Dairy we were able to bring a fully functioning, highly efficient digester online for significantly less than other digesters.  By working closely with industry leaders we have taken advantage of the efficiency which comes from decades of experience.
  • Designed by Farmers with Farmers:  All of our digester professionals have a background in farming and we listen closely to our clients, knowing that professional farmers will have strong insights into digester technologies. 
  • Modern Controls Technology:  With integrated logic controllers the entire digester system is automated.  This automation increases efficiency and reduces operational costs.



Larsen’s Funding & Financing Services:


  • Business Plan Development:  The financial team at Larsen can accurately predict the return you will see from an Anaerobic Digester.  We do not move forward with a project unless it is financially viable and improves the future profitability of the farm. Because of our low cost design the ROI for Anaerobic Digesters has never been better.
  • Grant Acquisitions:  Larsen Engineers has a proven track record for securing large NYSERDA energy grants.  Significant funding is available for renewable energy projects using anaerobic digestion.  This money comes from fees included in your energy bill which are then used to promote advancements in technology.
  • Assistance with Loan Guarantees:  By working with REAP Grants and Private Banks we are able to provide loan guarantees which significantly  reduce the risk of lending for this type of capital improvement.  This drives down interest rates and significantly improves project viability.
  • Contract and Project Management:  Through efficient contract management we save our clients money by reducing construction time and providing predictable capitol instalment schedules which align with grant funding releases.


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