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Grant Assistance

Larsen Engineers can assist you in the grant application process, selection and development of your project, meeting SEQR requirements and providing plans and specifications. 


Larsen has successfully secured grant dollars for several towns and villages in the Lake Ontario/Finger Lakes Area. These include grants for comprehensive plan studies, sustainable development, infrastructure, parks, and energy conservation. We have been particularly successful obtaining grant money to upgrade outdated and inefficient wastewater treatment plants.  


Whether funding is in the form of grants, or long-term low or no-interest loans, communities that are “ready” with infrastructure projects will “win” while others will have to wait. Don’t be left waiting while other communities proactively seek available funds.


Contact a Larsen representative to discuss how we may be of service to you, today.







Anaerobic Digester GAS-to-Electricity Program (PON 2828)

  • Funding Available: For Up to $2 million per project. Minimum 50kW power generation. Funds the design, purchase, installation and operation of New Anaerobic Digester Gas to Electricity Systems using manure, agricultural residues and biomass, industrial organic wastes (e.g., food wastes), municipal wastewater and municipal organic solids. 
  • .  
  • Applications Due: December 31, 2015; funding is available on a first come first serve basis.

New York Sun Competitive Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Program (PON 2956)

  • Funding Available:  Millions of Dollars of Funding are Available for Solar through the NY Sun Competitive PV Program! For this program, All PV systems must be greater than 200kW  (note: there are also appealing options available for systems under 200kW, Larsen can explain these options to you).
  • Applications Due:,Next Round of Funding will be Announced Soon!
New York communities can now save money and produce as much solar electric power as they consume and become Energy Independent, through a Power Purchase Agreement and grant / tax incentives under NYSERDA PON 2956
NYSERDA is currently offering an exciting opportunity, called the NY Sun Competitive Photovoltaic (PV) Program, which can fund a solar PV system for your community. This opportunity is intended to provide a way for your community to achieve net-zero metering (which means you will produce enough electricity to cover your own municipal building needs.)


NYSEG and RG&E Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program

  • Website: or
  • Applications Due: Ongoing
  • Applicants: Prescriptive and Custom opportunities available to NYSEG and RG&E nonresidential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers and municipalities who have an electricity and/or natural gas System Benefits Charge (SBC) included in their utility bills.


National Grid

  • Applications Due: Ongoing
  • Applicants: Programs are designed for mid-size and large commercial and industrial customers for replacement of inefficient equipment or systems. This is for existing buildings to help business owners reduce operating costs, increase productivity and remain competitive and profitable for future growth and sustainability



Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP), AARA
New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) 
Wastewater System Green Improvements - 4 Locations, Upstate NY

Solar Panels

Larsen was successful in getting 90% funding for four communities, under the stimulus package energy conservation grants for sustainable green planning. A total of 294 applications were submitted for the Grant Program with only 54 awards being made.  Larsen assisted in securing grants for each of the 4 clients who applied with us. The extensive application included an engineering report, SEQR assessment, as well as projects to upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facilities to be more energy efficient and “Green”.  

Larsen Engineers was responsible for the design and coordination of preparing contract bidding documents and plans on a very tight time schedule. Project features include; cogeneration, boilers, heat pumps, green roof, solar PV, rainwater collection, and miscellaneous energy efficient electrical upgrades. Larsen Engineers oversaw contracts for each municipality while maintaining proper records and meeting the reporting guidelines set forth by the EFC and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

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Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program - Solar PV Systems
NYSERDA RFP 10, AARA Assistance
Project Impementation Funding of Green Measures, 3 Locations, Upstate NY

Larsen Engineers prepared applications and was awarded grants for three (3) Municipalities for the implementation of energy conservation measures. Larsen designed the upgrades and was responsible for overseeing construction and implementation.

Award Amount: $287,261.00
VILLAGE OF MEDINA, Orleans County, New York
This funding was used for the installation of a 50 kW solar electric system on the roof of the Department of Public Works Complex. Larsen was responsible for the design of the solar panels.
Award Amount: $287,261.00
TOWN OF WILLIAMSON, Wayne County, New York
This funding was used to install a solar electric system on the roof of Williamson’s Town Complex. This 48.96 kW photovoltaic system will reduce the amount of electricity the Williamson Town Complex buys from conventional electric generating facilities and will supply approximately 16% of the electricity used by the Williamson Town Complex with clean renewable energy. Larsen is designed the solar panels.
Award Amount: $76,072.00
TOWN OF PITTSFORD, Monroe County, New York
This funding enabled the Town to move forward on the installation of energy efficient lighting and lighting controls in the Town Hall and Spiegel Community Center.


Energy Conservation Studies
NYSERDA PON 0004, ARRA Assistance
5 Locations, Upstate NY

Auburn-Cauyuga LogoLarsen worked with several local municipalities in preparation of grant applications for NYSERDA’s PON 0004 program. The Villages of Medina and Lyons, Towns of Williamson and Pittsford, and the City of Auburn were awarded grants for energy audits/conservation studies. The information gathered and analysis made during this study will be used to select projects for implementation under further grant programs. Potential projects and programs will be analyzed based on their energy saving potential; the most effective projects will be selected for implementation.

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