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Site Design and Development

Site Development



     ♦  Municipal Design and 
        Construction Criteria


     ♦  SEQR Compliance


     ♦  Regulatory Permit Assistance


     ♦  Drainage Studies


     ♦  Sanitary and Storm Systems


     ♦  Sustainable Stormwater
         Recycling and Management


     ♦  Utility Layout


     ♦  Trenchless (no dig) 


     ♦  Road and Sidewalk Design


     ♦  Site Plan Review


     ♦  On-site Wastewater Systems


     ♦  Development Feasibility


     ♦  Permitting Assistance


     ♦  Survey and Mapping


     ♦  LEED Certification


      Construction Phase Services



The Site Development Team at Larsen Engineers has earned a reputation for thoroughness, creativity, and timely delivery of products. Larsen has a vast experience in site development for Commercial, Residential and Parks & Recreational Facilities.  


Larsen has accomplished a diverse range of site development projects in the public and private sector, which have often required weaving through a myriad of technical and regulatory issues at the state and municipal level. During this process the Site Team works hand-in-hand with the client to examine all design options and select a plan that is practical and achieves a high level of environmental sustainability.


The Larsen Site Team is also well recognized for its capable preparation of project plans, specifications and budget based design solutions. Once the project reaches the construction phase, at the request of the client, Larsen provides Construction Phase Services to assure the project is designed and constructed as planned.  







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