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Stormwater Management and Water Quality

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     ♦  Phase II Stormwater Permits


     ♦  SWPPP Inspections


     ♦  Drainage Studies


     ♦  Hydrologic and Hydraulic


     ♦  Detention Pond Design


     ♦  Erosion Control


     ♦  Sedimentation Facilities


     ♦  Flood Plain Management


     ♦  Natural Stream Preservation


     ♦  Stormwater Collection Systems


     ♦  Recovery & Reuse of


      ♦ Green Infrastructure Planning
         - Green Roof Design
         - Rain Gardens Design
         - Bio-swales Design
         - Pervious Pavement

Larsen Engineers has CPESC (Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control) and NYDEC Trained individuals on staff.

Larsen pioneered new concepts in stormwater management in the 70's. These concepts have proven themselves over the years and are, in fact, still being used. These concepts preserve land adjacent to streams, provide for temporary storage of rainfall run-off, require sedimentation control during construction, and consider multi use of detention basins.

Proper stormwater management programs can result in lower storm sewer costs, provide linear parks, walkways and bikeways adjacent to streams, eliminate flooding, prevent soil erosion, eliminate poorly drained areas, and utilize parking lots, public parks, and recreational areas for temporary storage of infrequent excessive rainfall events.

Larsen Engineers reviews development plans for conformance with design criteria and often inspects projects as they are constructed. The firm also reviews site-specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, as well as Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for accuracy and compliance with Phase II regulations on behalf of clients.




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