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Structural Engineering

Highway Development



     ♦  Building Evaluation /


     ♦  Structural Analysis


     ♦  Structural Design


     ♦  Code Compliance


     ♦  Bridge Inspections


     ♦  Condition Surveys


     ♦  Storage Tanks


     ♦  Retaining Structures


     ♦  Foundations


     ♦  Tunnels


     ♦  Signs and Exhibits


     ♦  High Mast Lighting


     ♦  Dams


     ♦  Wastewater Lagoons


The Structural Group at Larsen Engineers specializes in the analysis and design of all types of structures, with primary expertise in reinforced concrete and steel structures. Larsen has years of experience analyzing and designing commercial, industrial, municipal and educational buildings, dams, foundations, retaining structures, bridges, tunnels, water and wastewater treatment plants and storage tanks.


Currently, Larsen is providing structural support for sustainable projects including structural evaluations for Green roofs, PV panel and wind power systems. Larsen has also completed a number of forensic evaluations on existing building structures for state agencies and for the private sector.  


Larsen has incorporated computer analysis, design and drafting into projects and are currently utilizing RISA-3D software. This gives our clients the highest quality product in the most cost-effective manner.

















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